ULV-200 is our largest Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. Standing at 185L of effective capacity it is the best choice for laboratories storing physically large samples or a high quantity of smaller, similar samples.

ULV-200 is the best freezer for running large laboratory experiments, as the cold inside the chamber is distributed equally. As a result, even at full capacity, all the samples will be the subject of the same temperature with the uniformity of +/- 2 °C.


⊲ Energy efficient
⊲ Low vibration
⊲ Low noise
⊲ Green gas mixture
⊲ Single compressor

EU Certificate (CE)

UA Certificate (DSTU)


Additional information

Net volume, litres 185
Low temperature, °С -86
External dimensions (WxDxH), mm 730 x 860 x 1810
Internal dimensions (WxDxH), mm 360 x 530 x 1030
Voltage/Frequency, V/Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Input power, W 1100
Rated current, A 16
Energy consumption, kWh/day 7,5
Net weight , kg 153
Refrigerant CFC-Free
Noise level , dB <55
Control mode microprocessor
Power on indication +
Working mode indication yes
Quantity of compressors, pcs 1
Overheating protection +
Manufacturer of compressor Danfoss, Tecumseh
Length of AC cable with plug, m ≥ 1,5 м
Material of framework steel
Coating Type powder coating
Thermal insulation material polyurethane foam
Ozone-safe foaming agent yes
Quantity of refrigerating chambers, pcs 1
Range of temperature control, °C from -60° to -90°
Refrigerating chamber material stainless steel
Mount type and wheels castors with brakes
Mechanical chamber lock on lid yes
CE mark EN 61010-1, EN 61326-1
User manual yes
Information label on equipment yes
Digital display yes
Ambient temperature, °С from +16° to +32°
Insulation thickness, mm 150
Temperature sensor Platinum element
Peak Variation from Set point °C ± 2°
Discreteness of temperature installation, °С
Pull down time (not more than), min 180
Storage capacity, 2" cryobox, pcs 110
Logger optionally, extra cost 155 euro
Back Up system port optionally, extra cost 140 euro
High and low temperature alarm LED indicator and sound alarm
Non-volatile controller optionally, extra cost 75 euro
Filter do not require
Lid lock yes
Port for external probe optionally up to 20 mm, extra cost 140 euro
Potential free contact yes
Delivery time 8 weeks
Type of packaging carton
Size, LxWxH, mm 750 х 900 х 2000
Brutto weight, kg 153


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